Volume 2, Issue 3 (July-Sept 2012)

Research Article

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Melatonin Induced Analgesia: Involvement of Potassium Channels

S. Verma, M. C. Gupta , *P. Jindal, S. Goyal, J. Kaushal

Antibacterial Screening of Some Novel Metal β-diketonates
*P. N. Verma, H. D. Juneja
Compatibility Study of Hard Capsules with Hydrophilic Solvent and Texture Analysis

*U. K. Patil, A. V. Gotoskar, Surya N. Singh, J. Bhat M.


Review Article

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Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms Associated with Tobacco Smoking: An Overview
*Vivek Sharma, Shalini Sharma, Jyoti Kaushal, M. C. Gupta

 Targeted Delivery of Protein and Peptide into Tumor Cells: Challenges and Solution
*Mehta N. K., Varde N. M., Joshi D. P., Shah V. H., Upadhyay U. M.
 The Existing and Emerging Therapies for the Treatment of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Ahuja V, *Bhutani G.
Nanosponges – A New Class of Drug Delivery in Targeting Tumors
*R. Hrushikevasa Reddy, Roshan Nawale, R. Sunitha, C. Sowmya
Underpinning the Future: Various Strategies in Electrophysiology and Pathophysiology in Management of Hypertension
*Shalini Sharma
Secondary Prevention: Clinical Approaches for Managing the Higher-Risk Patient with Heart and Kidney Disease
*Vivek Sharma, Shalini Sharma
Role of minerals, vitamins and functional foods in maintaining health of elderly people: a review

 *Raghuveer Choudhary , Anusuya Gehlot,  Rajkumar Rathore,  Mohit Kakkar, Kamla Choudhary,  Poona Ram Beniwal





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